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New Year's Menu

At mother we are quiet traditional in our approach when it comes to our style of pizza.

We use ancient and natural receipt from Naples influenced by our Roman heritage. However, we also love to explore and research for new of forgotten ingredients as well as to test and try new ways in order to push the boundaries of what is the norm when cooking, baking and creating new recipes. All naturally while sticking to our core values and often drawing from old Mediterranean traditions.

This innovative vs traditional perspective is no exception when it comes to our New Year's Menu. This year we have decided to go tradition yet untraditional, by offering a unique "viaggo" into the undiscovered lands of the Italian cuisine..


Vegetarian "tortino" of courgette and gorgonzola with light red pepper sauce


"Tonnarelli alle Vongole"

Homemade egg spaghetti with sautéed clams​


"Anatra in Agrodolce"​

Sweet and sour braised duck leg with rosemary crushed potatoes


"Fondente al Cioccolato"​

Chocolate fondant with whipped cream and berries sauce

Price per person 40 gBP

incl. a glass of Prosecco,

a small plate of cotechino con lenticchie, pork sausages with lentils

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