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our roots are italian, and when you grow over there good quality food made with love is the norm.

pizza is the queen example.

it is 90% about the dough. how it is made, how long it proves for, what flours it likes.

there are a lot of ways to make it, and we use one of the most ancient and natural.

we make sourdough.

16 years ago we utilised the air at our friend Gabor’s farm in Sweden to create our first organic wild yeast; we  made our mother dough from it , and since then, every day, we feed it, care for it and we use it to make pizzas for all to enjoy.

to reach the perfect texture we let it grow for 48 to 72 hours, depending on the humidity, the air temperature and its strength.

because our mother is very strong! she feeds on the gluten in the flour, with the awesome result of creating a very tasty and light pizza that is so easy to digest, that you will feel happy and ready for anything.

so far our dough has satisfied the 100% gluten intolerants.

on top, to make our pizzas, we use seawater instead of water and salt. this allows our bodies to absorb less salt and a higher quantity of minerals fundamental for our health.

we try.

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